Michael Glassow


Professor Glassow is investigating cultural responses to environmental changes occurring between 7000 and 4000 years ago in the Santa Barbara Channel region of California. He has been undertaking fieldwork at sites along the coastal mainland and on Santa Cruz Island dating to this time interval and is currently involved with processing collections from these sites.


Archaeological Research on Santa Cruz Island:
The Red Abalone Midden Project 
Contemporary Archaeological Approaches to Rock Art Recording & Conservation Strategies in Southern California:

Sample of Publications

  • Purisemeno Chumash Prehistory, Maritime Adaptations along the Southern California Coast. Case Studies in Archaeology. Harcourt Brace, Fort Worth, 1996.
  • "Development of Maritime Adaptations during the Middle Holocene of the California Coast." Revista de Arqueología Americana 16:155-182. (issued in 2000)1999.
  • "Prehistoric Chronology and Environmental Change at the Punta Arena Site, Santa Cruz Island, California." Proceedings of the Fifth California Islands Symposium, edited by D. R. Brown, H.W. Chaney, and K.L. Mitchell. OCS Study, MMS 99-0038, pp. 555-562. U.S. Department of Interior, Minerals Management Service, Camarillo, CA. 2000

Courses Taught

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Updated May 20, 2003